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Aquellos que queráis animaros a volar es el momento de comprar un módulo!!!
El F18 sin duda actualmente esta muy bien para disfrutarlo!!!
click en la firma para acceder a mi canal


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Re: DCS World REBAJAS!!!

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<A2>DrMuerteHD escribió:
18 Oct 2019, 18:14
Aquellos que queráis animaros a volar es el momento de comprar un módulo!!!
El F18 sin duda actualmente esta muy bien para disfrutarlo!!!
Naaa, me niego. :-D :-D :-D

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Entrevista de Wags en MudSpike sobre lo que se esta trabajando y planes en DCS World.
Single player / multiplayer dynamic campaign system on planned to 2021:
- Real Time Strategy (RTS) element
-- Resources
-- Strategic nodes and routes
-- War production
-- Ground forces
-- Strategic objectives
-- Ground force route planning
-- Tasking orders
- User interface that will allow to configure a campaign and tune the RTS engine
Follow on:
- Economic aspects
-- factories
-- warehouses
-- materials logistics that transport resources

Mission editor:
- Placement of units and objects in the 3D world on To-do list (required previously Mission Editor rewrite and DCS World re-coding).
- More flight attack options like multi-axis attacks
- More options to control the reaction of ground forces (needed for a better Combined Arms product)

3D units:
- Oil Tanker unit no a priority yet.

New ATC/AI improvements:
- focused on aircraft carrier communications (departure, marshal, approach, tower, and LSO)
- next tasks overhaul airfield radio communications.

Weather improvements:
-developing a new cloud system
-support clouds including cumulus, cumulonimbus, cirrus, etc, include multilayered cloud structures.

IFF implementation:
-Mode 4 operations.
-automatic modes coming with AZ/EL radar mode
-Later coming Mode 1, 2, and 3
-later coming accurate IFF simulation for the Viper

In-game voice communication (VIOP):
- coming to Late 2019
- Stage 1 rooms for two sides
- Stage 2 user created rooms
- Stage 3 radio modulation and frequency

VR Improvements and engine:
- New Graphic engine on GPU Multi-Threading and the Vulkan API in develop.

Module Update and Improvements
- Ka-50 and A-10C on develop
- F-5E can follow

Comunity suport:
- public tracking page with all project status

Naval modules
- CVN module in progress
- Arleigh Burke destroyer and Admiral Kuznetsov carrier follow
- determine the level and composition of other naval-focused content in the future.

AI improvements:
- Supercarrier deck crew
- air-to-air AI improvements
- follow air-to-surface attack AI improvements

Core product improvements:
- New terrain engine
- Dynamic campaign
- New graphics engine
- Improved night lighting
- FLIR rendering tech
- Ground radar tech
- Air-to-Surface radar rendering tech
- Improved weather (clouds, thermals, humidity, etc.)
- New and improved effects
- Integrated VOIP
- Aircraft AI improvement
- Updated replay system
- Improved unit visibility
- Improved sound engine
- Improved network code
- And other more confidential aspects…
50% of company resources are invested on the core product

Dedicate server improvements:
- improving the dedicated server code and welcome input from our clients
- Windows Service in the future
- No plans to a Linux based server

Warehouse/Resource system improvements:
- greatly updated for the dynamic campaign system

Combined Arms improvements:
- Detailed damage model system for ground units
- Improved ground unit AI decision making
- New and improved ground unit effects
- A much more detailed ground environment

Modules and maps:
- After the F-16C will come DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt, Mi-24 Hind, and Mosquito
- F-4 Phantom coming later after other module (I think Mi-24P)
- No plans to a A-6 Intruder yet and can change in the future
- P-47D plans released in Q1 2020
- New World War II assets completed A-20 and Ju-88 will be released this year
- Mosquito after P-47D expect it in 2020
- Me 262 collectiong data to simulate all systems.
- New WW2 maps on develop will announce soon.
- Korea map not in immediate plans

WW2 projects
- New maps, new units, and a new combat theater
- Highly detailed damage model
- Torpedoes on Ships and aircrafts.
- Improved sighting system
- Improved aircraft AI
- New maps in development is also well suited to our current stable of warbirds

- after new airfield ATC system.

Mi-24P Hind module:
- intuitive means to command the other crew member to accomplish basic sets of tasks

Yak-52 module:
- start to work on final phase on Q1 2020

Team allocations:
- The staff working on MAC, Hornet, Viper and other such products are different from those working on the core DCS World features

Belsimtek (BST):
- Has not been in existence for a long time and they were then merged back into Eagle Dynamics
- Much of our modern aircraft team is focused on the F/A-18C, F-16C, and Mi-24 Hind

SuperCarrier Module:
- Supercarrier briefing room is designed to allow players to view the briefing, arm their jets, watch the PLAT CAM, and walk to the jet.
- not be delivered during the early access period

Wags Wishlist
- One of the features I would like to see is a robust squadron management role playing element.

MAC and FC
- MAC continue Grown
- FC series will continue but turn on MAC

F-16 module:
- PIDS/PIDSU Perhaps at a later point, but not in our current planning

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Nuevas nubes en desarrollo en DCS World

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https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php? ... ost4093986
Development Report #3
The new Ka50 3D cockpit model is already at the texturing stage. Remember, this will be a free enhancement for existing Black Shark owners. In mid 2020 we plan to release a brand new external model along with certain new weapons and avionics systems with even greater cockpit enhancements. The product will also come with new missions, mission functionalities and gameplay. This module will be named Black Shark 3 and will be available at a substantial discount for existing Black Shark 2 owners and at full price for new users. Enjoy the screenshots below.

Other Development Updates which might be of interest:
F/A-18C Hornet: the team is focused on the completion of the AGM-62 Walleye, updating the Harpoon, implementing dynamic launch zones / release points for JDAMs and JSOWs and Pre-Briefed mode for the AGM-88 HARM. The Team are working on completing and improving the current weapons prior to moving on to new systems such as the SLAM and SLAM-ER. TWS and enhanced radar modes will follow.
P-47D: A lot of work is being put into the external model that includes the landing gear, landing gear doors, intercooler and oil cooler flaps, landing flaps and creating realistic paint schemes. The cockpit is coming along well with remaining work mostly on the lighting and cockpit-view pilot model. The team are tuning the flight model, power plant and systems.
Supercarrier: the model is 95% complete with deck crew animations progressing well. This week we made good progress on the holdback bar animations and general scripting of launch operations. We’ve also made good progress on the LSO platform which offers an exceptional level of detail and functionality. For the early access launch, we plan 14 aircraft spawn locations.
Mi-24: UV mapping of the pilot’s cockpit is almost done and then we will spend about a month working on the animations and textures. The flight model is near 80% complete.
Integrated Voice Chat: We are now in the final stretch of rolling out the test version. We’ve added a minimize command, volume options, mic options, and bug fixes. Following the initial release, we will implement the creation of rooms.
New Effects: We are currently working on missile flame and smoke enhancements as well as new tracer art. This should deliver a new level of realism to exhaust flames based on motor and fuel type.
Dynamic Campaign: We now have a basic test version that works within DCS World to evaluate the real-time strategy element of the system. We are using this to debug the system. In parallel, work is now underway on the UI interface and the AI machine learning code. This is complex and is receiving a lot of focus at the moment.
Our new ‘secret’ terrain is coming along very well. We hope to be releasing screens shots soon...
KA-50: La cabina en estado de texturización. Esto será una mejora gratutita para los posedores del BS2. Un nuevo modelo externo vendrá a mediados de 2020 con nuevas armas, nuevos sistemas y mejoras en la cabina, nuevas misiones, nueva funcionalidad y sistema de juego. Este modulo se le llamará Black Shark 3 y habrá un descuento sustancial para los poseedores de BS2.

F/A-18C Hornet: estan centrados en completar la funcionalidad del AGM-62 Walleye, actualizar el Harpoon, implementar las zonas de lanzamiento dinamico / puntos de lanzamiento de las JDAM / JSOW y el modo de lanzamiento definido en briefing del AGM-88 HARM. Se quiere completar el armamento actual antes de moverse a nuevos sistemas como el SLAM y SLAM/ER. El TWS y los modos de radar mejorados vendrán despues.

P-47: Estan centrados en el modelo externo, tanto en el tren de aterrizaje, puertas del tren, flaps del intercambiador de aceite e intercooler, y crear pieles realistas. La cabina progresa bien, quedando las luces y el modelo del piloto, tambien se trabaja en el modelo de vuelo, la planta de potencia y los sistemas.

SuperPortaviones: el modelo está al 95% completo con la tripulación de cubierta progresando adecuadamente, se han hecho progresos en la barra de bloqueo y en las instrucciones de la operación de catapulta, tambien se progresa en el puesto del LSO, que ofrece un nivel excepcional de detalle y funcionalidad. Se planea para el lanzamiento anticipado, tener 14 puestos de parking.

Mi-24: Los mapas UV de la cabina y se espera dedicar un mes para el texturizado y las animaciones. El modelo de vuelo está al 80%.

Sistema de Chat integrado (VioP): En la fase final de integración de la versión de prueba, Se ha añadido un comando de minimización, volumen, microfono y bugs, Siguiendo el lanzamiento inicial, se crearán las salas de chats.

Nuevos efectos: Actualmente estamos trabajando en la mejora de la llama de misiles y el humo, así como en el nuevo arte de trazado, Esto debería ofrecer un nuevo nivel de realismo para las llamas del escape según el motor y el tipo de combustible.

Campaña dinámica: Se dispone de una versión de prueba básica que funciona dentro de DCS World para evaluar el elemento de estrategia en tiempo real del sistema. Estamos usando esto para depurar el sistema. Paralelamente, ahora se está trabajando en la interfaz de la interfaz de usuario y el código de aprendizaje automático de AI. Esto es complejo y está recibiendo mucha atención en este momento.

El nuevo "mapa" secreto progresa, y se espera poner pantallas pronto.

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