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Mensaje por <A2>lucifer » 07 Oct 2017, 21:56

Elite: Dangerous Horizons and Beyond content announcements:

2018's Series of updates will be called "Beyond", with the first release happening in Q1 2018 and will be FREE for Horizons owners
Planetary Tech rework: new lighting system, material rendering pass, diversification of landscape, and more. Screenshot
Quality of Life improvements: Better Crime and Punishment (including better armed system authority), Better trading data for more informed decision making, Wing Missions, and Engineering to be reworked to guarantee improved equipment for players.
Guardian Arc to be revisited: providing new content such as Guardian tech; notably new hardpoint equipment. Screenshot
Galnet Audio: Galnet will be provided with a text-to-speech medium for its articles.
"A lot more ships to come": So far, Type-10, Krait and Chieftain ships have been confirmed. Latter two are Lakon projects in conjuction with the Alliance. Type-10 Defender. Krait. Chieftain
Squadrons: New platform for clan-like system offering enhanced communications for a range of players. Also offering the ability for Squadrons to purchase ship carriers, which allows players to rearm, repair, refuel and respawn. Screenshot
Mining to be revisited: Devs want to invoke a feeling of "Wild West Prospecting", giving players new tools to find and exploit ore reserves. Promotional Image
Planetary Terrain Rework: Addition of Rock Scatter update for larger size and scale of terrain objects, along with localised fog effects too in order to make different planet types feel more distinct from one another. Art Target for Icy Planets
Exploration to be revisited: Will be updated to add a suite of new activities to find and engage with. In addition to Exploration missions and a Codex to log discoveries and act as a sort of encyclopedia for space anomalies. With the addition of new effects, phenomenae and anomalies to discover. Promotional Image.
Thargoid Arc extended: Story will naturally be progressed, with the introduction of a new ship or "clan" of Thargoids. Screenshot.
What did you think about the Expo and the announcements?
Did anything come as a surprise or did you find it all to be expected?
What challenges do you think Frontier will face with Elite in the future?
Did you find the expo lacking?
Has there been anything you hoped for Frontier to address?
Which features are you most excited for?


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Mensaje por <A2>Dybite » 11 Oct 2017, 20:44

Actualización a la 2.4.03

Below are the changes and fixes for this update.
Companion API

Fixed ship prices sometimes not being returned from /shipyard


Implemented a fix to stop factions trying to invade during an expansion when they already had a conflict pending


Fixed the "Switch" button on the fighter orders menu not disabling when the cockpit canopy is breached

General Fixes & Tweaks

Updated some translations

Holo-Me Creator

Removed the ability to Undo / Redo while a player is not on the top level of a tab in the Holo-Me creator to prevent a store exploit


Fixed an issue whereby all Barnacles in a system would appear in the Navigation Panel after scanning just one


Fixed the Vent button for the refinery failing to do anything with the hopper


Fixed Engineer invite missions not spawning in certain systems
Fixed some incorrect text strings that appeared in certain Assassination mission inbox messages
Fixed an issue where only massacre missions were spawning instead of rank missions
Ensured that Salvage missions contribute to the Exploration career


Fixed an issue that led to Thargoids flagging up as allied in certain cases


Fixed an issue where previewed decals could remain on the ship after exiting the livery section

Player Journal

Fixed an issue with control characters remaining in the ReceiveText of a journal message


Fixed the motion effects appearing fainter than they should be when flying through space


Fixed Thargoid encounter UI statistics
Fixed some stored ships being unavailable through shipyard

Imperial Clipper

Fixed an issue with the Docking Computer being unable to dock

Stability Fixes

Fixed a rare crash that could occur when at Resource Extraction Sites
Fixed a rare crash that could occur if the player disconnected while loading in to a Multi-Crew session


We now update a Commander's subscribed to community goal data in the Transactions tab every ten minutes, allowing players to keep track of the results on the fly


Fixed the missing lens flares on plasma accelerator shots

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Mensaje por <A2>Dybite » 12 Oct 2017, 22:51

El hombre de la voz somnolienta nos cuenta el futuro de la exploración.