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Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 23 Oct 2017, 00:12
por <A2>Fustero




  • RHS v0.4.3.1 Actualización

  • @CUP_Terrains_Core V1.4 Actualización
    @CUP_Terrains_Maps V1.4 Actualización


Se ha movido el @FFAA y el @FFAA_ACE3 del repositorio test al repositorio 3. No hace falta descargar de nuevo de 0
  • @FFAA V6.0.7 Actualización



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Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 23 Oct 2017, 10:59
por <A2>Japo32
Muchisimas gracias! Descargando!

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 23 Oct 2017, 18:35
por <A2>Qurtuba
Graciaaas, actualizado :OK:

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 23 Oct 2017, 19:16
por Alicante JD
Actualizando, gracias por informar...

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 23 Oct 2017, 19:57
por Archer
hay algun sitio donde se mencione el contenido de las actualizaciones?¿

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 23 Oct 2017, 20:23
por <A2>TURCO_AR
Archer escribió:hay algun sitio donde se mencione el contenido de las actualizaciones?¿
Usando Google+el nombre del mod+changelog en un rato encontre todos los cambios. Casi siempre está en Armaholic los cambios.

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 23 Oct 2017, 20:32
por <A2>Fustero
Estas son las que tengo apuntadas

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Added warning lights to Su-25 & calibrated some more indicators

Added engine startup delay to AFRF jets

New AK Animations deployed, Model.cfgs of respective weapons retimed

Added Klen-PS targeting system to Su-25 (vehLockTargets (default R) - activate laser, vehLockTurretView (default ctrl+t) - lock target)

^ Some more tweaks to Su-25 interior

^ Changed Kh-25/29 missile trail effect

^ Klen-PS can be now turned off by pressing R second time, cooldown time is dependent on usage time (<15s - 15s of cooldown, <30s = 30s cooldown, >30 & <60 = 60s of cooldown)

^ Added new mixed AT loadout preset for Su-25

^ Tweaked Su-25 hitpoints

^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP

^ Tweaked MCLOS function

^ Tweaked explosionShielding of PFM-1 mine

^ Increased PTM-1 mine hit value

^ Added PTM-1 & PFM-1 to mine module

^ Adjusted 9K32 and 9K38 damage values and parameters

^ Rotated incorrectly oriented submunitions

^ Re-added old AK mag change sound that was synced with RHS_GestureReloadAK2

^ Tweaked BMP-2 tracks rvmat

^ Added short description to ammo types

^ Tweaks to russian SACLOS missiles

^ Small tweak to su25 interior texture

^ Reduced Lipa/Vitebsk mag count due to MP compatibility


@ Some Kh-25 variants could not be fired (magazines weren't defined as compatible with their intended launcher weapon)

@ Fixed wrong magazine in ammo crate

@ Fixed PKM tracer count

@ Fixed missing missile error while using Su-25 (AT) variant

@ Fixe 2S3 Nuke explosion time

@ Mi-24 Changed Yaw SAS.

@ Mi-24 Changed max tail rotor stress.

@ Mi-8 changed Yaw SAS.

@ Fixed model.cfg errors with pedals

@ Fixed YakB submunition exploding when close to the helicopter

@ Removed some of custom panels from Mi-24, Mi-28 & Ka-52 gunners

@ Fixed UAZ, Ural & Tochka defines

@ Fixed access to Tu-95 control panel

@ Tochka-U wheels script errors and steering anims

@ Removed gunner seat from ejection seats

@ Removed (again) pylons from Mi-24VT

@ Fixed ZSU-23-4 component placement and various other model fixes

@ Fixed Mi-24P GSh cannon memory points

@ Mi-24 corrected force exertion point Z axis.

@ Mi-24 added some yaw stability into the yaw controller channel.

@ Mi-24 Reverted tail rotor Dynamic Pressure Ratio modifier to default.

@ Fixed .rpt errors about missing clear_empty.paa texture

@ Some of the russian missiles were missing missileKeepLockedCone parameter reducing their off bore capabilities

@ Mi-8 atrq pedal anims were inverted

@ Fixed Kh-29L wrong guidance

@ Fixed AK-74 (GP25) aiming memory points

@ Fixed missing Lipa on Mi-24

@ Fixed sound config had incorrect inheritance overriding Kh-29 missile launcher parameters

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Extra selection for flag patch and name tape customisation on ACU

Added engine startup delay to A10A

UH-60M Added Pitch Bias Actuator

^ FMTV fording depth

^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP

^ Improved auto-trimmer functionality for UH-60M AFM

^ Increased M19 mine hit value

^ US Army RG-33 groups now use the 66 models instead of the old outdated (and hidden) 44

^ Tweaked M430 & M433 damage values

^ Extended AGM-114 locking ranges to some degree. Following indications by gatordev that 4km is below average laser Hellfire performance

^ Extended AH-64D radar coverage in line with the changes to its main armament

^ Removed ace_overpressure entries

^ Tweaked Stinger ammo params

^ Tweaked Mk211 particle effects

^ UH-60M improved SAS

^ M242 lock disabled


@ Corrected UH1 HUD position & tweaked FFAR ammo params

@ Fixed IOTV lod issue

@ Improved Chinook rotor sound

@ FMTV exhaust pfx location

@ A10A RWR should no longer detect IR missiles

@ UH-60M Slightly tweaked SAS and collective ranges

@ Changed UH-60M collective and cyclic ranges

@ Changed UH-60M ATRQ ranges

@ Fixed AH1Z/AH64 gunner sensors

@ "lever ramp" misspelling

@ Reduced some the M1 HEAT rounds max lead

@ Fixed F-22 texture selection

@ Caiman transport capacity was wrong on a couple of variants

@ Fixed Stinger inventory restrictions

@ Fixed BMG tracers

@ Fixed wrong texture name for MRZRs in distant LODs

@ ESSS/EWS UH-60s missing from cfgPatches

@ Fixed some MAAWS ammo values

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Added engine startup delay to L159 & L39

Camouflaged ALICE packs

^ Adjusted shadow LOD on ALICE webbing mag pouch

^ Darkened ALICE webbing pouches - more similar to ALICE pack

^ Zasatava animation/gestures conformed to updated AK Reload sequences

^ Cleaned up ALICE pack named properties, selections and UV sets

^ Capitalised displayname (ALICE is an acronym)

^ Reanimated Mosin rechamber character sequences

^ Standing Mosin reload character sequence reanimated, model.cfg retimed accordingly.

^ Corrected M21 reload gesture on par with SAF

^ Applied new (old) AK mag change sound to Zastava rifles that use RHS_GestureReloadAK2

^ Weight of TT-33 and its magazines

^ Removed BIS ejection system userAction and EventHandlers


@ M70 rifle grenade sight missing muzzle

@ Fixed PointerSlot on Sa61 (now it should not inherit from SMG)

@ TT-33 was missing from virtualAmmoBox.sqf

@ Shadow on Vz58V, was inverted

@ Attempt to fix normals on all Vz58 models

@ L-39 and L-159 missing eject action.

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ALICE packs in two camo variants

Added desert texture for M12 vest

Zrak RD-7J binoculars


^ Tweaks to MD12 vest texture colors to make it more in tone with the uniform

^ Conformed respective SAF weapons to new AK reload sequences/timing

^ Added new gear to virtualAmmoBox

^ Added some missing strings for gear


@ M84A Scorpion PointerSlot
CUP Terrains Maps

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* Fixed missing footstep sounds on Chernarus
* Fixed missing footstep sounds on Takistan gravel roads
* Edited Takistani mountains rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Bystrica rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Bukovina rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Chernarus rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Desert rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Proving Grounds rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Utes rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Halved the diffuse setting for all of the Utes map layers for more natural look.

CUP Terrains Core

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* Hanged man and mass grave items are now available in 3DEN and Zeus ( T2153 )
* Added closed variants of some buildings ( T1939 )
* Macro for doors in config.cpp animationSources entry - statement
* Fixed geometric occluders on HouseBlock, HouseV_2L, Terrace_K_1_EP1, and House_L_1_EP1
* Fixed RVMATs with syntax errors
* Fixed animation and RPT error on Vez_ropa - Fixes T1318
* Fixed RPT errors and path issues in a few of the structures_e/HouseC damaged models
* Fixed view geometry missing on a bunch of HouseBlock ruin models
* Fixed white pixels on furthest distance LOD of t_picea3f
* Removed a loose piece of view geometry from A_BuildingWIP.p3d
* Fixed geometric occluders on some sheds
* Fixed view/fire geometry on part of the A_BuildingWIP_ruins.p3d
* Fixed a benign HouseBase RPT error
* Fixed a few objects trying to use RVMATs with two UVSets while one of their LODs only had one UVSet
* Fixed a few rocks missing roadway texture
* Fixed bone errors from GateSkeleton, and runway lights when using Arma 3 Diag
* Fixed geometric occluders on A_Mosque_big_wall_corner_EP1.p3d and House_C_11_EP1.p3d
* Fixed House_C_11_EP1.p3d using wrong UVSet for second LOD
* Fixed several dozen objects with slightly misconfigured geometry LODs, most notably view geometry of some trees
* Fixed missing component on a couple of Misc_WoodPile.p3d's geometries
* Fixed second UVSet error on SS_hangar.p3d, and Misc_WoodPile.p3d
* IBR Objects received an _IBR Tag at the end - Classname duplication
* buildings2 addon completely updated to new animationNames for Doors - adjusted animations, that animateSource 1 is opening and animateSource 0 is closing of doors.
* buildings2 - several buildings updated from dvereN to Door_N and new animateSource command
* Added geometric occluder to Wall_IndCnc2_3
* Added breakable glass to WarfareBAirport
* Added material to fire geometry of several buildings2/Ind_CementWorks/Ind_SiloVelke models
* improved rvmats and textures for Arma 2 trees and bushes
* improved rvmats for pretty much all of the buildings roads and stuff
* all buildings (should) be updated to new animationSource Namings - Some new door animations added
* updated ca_buildings - All Animated Models updated to new StandardNaming of Doors and Glass. - Multiple closed Buildings exchanged with open Versions. Multiple Non-Animated Models received a animated Doors and some also Glass. I hate Commit Messages.
* Arma 2 ground clutter now uses Arma 3 RVMAT settings.
* Better RVMATs for Arma 2 autumn trees.
* Most of the trees have been edited so distand lods fit the near view better.
* updated HouseV2_XX for further inspection (Occluder problems)
* cup_terrains_ca_misc3_c - Removed classes which were overwritting vanilla classes, causing proxy flags to not work on vehicles/characters on CUP Terrains
* "buildings2HouseBlocks" - Several Models - Roadway-LOD reworked / path's added
* Last files in buildings2 updated to new Door_N and Glass_N Names
* structures_pmc - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names
* missing animationSources added - Ignore Land_Tovarna2 -.- i hate that one. Will be the last.
* modifed - buildings2_c Configs updated to new macro
* HouseBlock_B1_ruins.p3d - Roadway updated (1st Push, lets see what i broke)
* missing entrys in model.cfg - sections added
* buildings(_c), buildings2(_c) and structures(_c) - (hopefully) last changes to the DoorAnims made. - Several Door Animations added to existing Gates
* buildings(2) - several adjustments (Glass Anims/Memory/Geometry)
* buildings(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger... + minor fixes (Tovarna2 fixed (*hate*))
* buildings (_c) rechecked. ToDo Tovarna2 and new Animation for Hangar Gates (follows later)
* Missing land_statek_brana_open added to config. inheriting from land_statek_brana
* misc_e(_c) - DVEEEERRREEEEEEEEEE (updated all doors+Anims)
* Structures(_c) +_pmc(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger ... minor fixes in Axis
* ca_structures - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names. -Several Buildings received additional Glass and/or Door Animations +bugfixes
* structures_e(_c) - Doors (and several glass) Animations added/updated (dvere->door_N) to new AnimationSource naming. Some Door Handle animations added.
* Macro updated with Shutter, Macro for Glass AnimationSource
* modified Door Macro - Statement added - 0 closed - 1 opened -- Examples added
* Shutter AnimationName in condition updated (shutter_N_source -> shutter_N_sound_source)
* ca_water2_dummy - Updated Door Animations
Cup Terrains CWA

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* cwa_Phone are now removed from VA ( T2018 )

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 26 Oct 2017, 01:56
por <A2>Fustero

Hemos actualizado 2 Hotfix que han salido en la última semana. Siento que os pille de sorpresa a mitad de semana, pero son actualizaciones que mejoran el bajo rendimiento según sus desarrolladores.


  • ACE_3 v3.11 Actualización


  • @FFAA V6. Actualización

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 26 Oct 2017, 03:07
por <A2>histeria6363
OK, muchas gracias señor, descargando.....

Re: Actualización de Addon´s 23 Oct 2017

Publicado: 26 Oct 2017, 06:37
por <A2>Salvius
Gracias por avisar Fustero,descargando... :OK: